S&S Weekly Roundup #32 (11/30/22)

HFQ #54 Arrives—with new Dabir and Asim!

Rejoice! Heroic Fantasy Quarterly has returned, and what a lineup. Tom Jolly gives us “The Stonemen’s Curse,” the inimitable Dariel R. A. Quiogue provides a little sword & planet in “Swarm Time on Maruzar,” and no less than Howard Andrew Jones gifts the world a new Dabir and Asim tale, “The Flame and the Bottle.” Not only that, but there’s an audio version of the last, read by Leeman Kessler!

Rounding things out are poems from Phil Emery and Colleen Anderson. And it’s all free to read… this seems like a good time to mention that you can support HFQ at their Patreon, if you think their mission a worthy one.

Swords & Sorcery Magazine #130 Releases With Three New Stories…

Including one by your humble correspondent! The November issue of the free online mag features tales by Hugo winner Cora Buhlert, Sandra Unerman, and my own damn self.

DMR Spotlights Two More

Speaking of worthy missions, DMR shines their indie author spotlight on two more well-deserving gents: Lars Walker and Chase A. Folmar.

Black Gate Highlights Citadel of Forgotten Myths

I was hoping for a review, but it wasn’t to be—John O’Neill has spotlighted the new Elric novel in his Future Treasures series, but only to call attention to its release next week. (Is your preorder in?) O’Neill does link to the Publishers Weekly page, which includes a blurb that gives a bit of a plot synopsis—and he notes that the cover artist is, strangely, anonymous!

Oden’s Odin‘s On Target

Sometimes the headline gods give with both hands… Scott Oden says he’s on goal to finish The Doom of Odin by the end of the year. Grimnir fans rejoice, as do all who want to see what comes next from Oden’s deal with Baen.


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