S&S Weekly Roundup #37 (1/4/23)

Happy New Year, sword-siblings! It’s a bit of a light week, owing to the holidays, so let us take this opportunity to wish you piles of gold and a strong sword arm in the twelve months to come.

Swords & Sorcery December Issue Arrives

#131 of the indefatigable monthly is here, featuring three all-new tales! Authors Lindsey Duncan and Xan van Rooyen are new to the magazine, and the excellent Neil Willcox returns with his heroine Eliza Sky, who’s appeared in Swords & Sorcery before.

More Free Fiction from Cora Buhlert

As is her tradition, Hugo winner Cora Buhlert has made another story free on the first Monday of the month. This time it’s “The Frozen Citadel,” one of her tales of the S&S hero Kurval.

The Cromcast Discusses REH’s “Poetry Pals”

Continuing their dive into weird poetry, the Cromcasters cover six poets known to be among Robert E. Howard’s favorites, ranging from the popular romantic Alfred Noyes to the legendary World War I chronicler Siegfried Sassoon.

Arminius, Bane of Eagles Reviewed at Black Gate

Fletcher Vredenburgh thinks quite highly of the first volume in Adrian Cole’s alt-history War on Rome.


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