S&S Weekly Roundup #35 (12/21/22)

Whetstone #6 Arrives

The sixth issue of the amateur zine of sword & sorcery is here, available for free at their website. It includes thirteen stories by new and returning names, an introduction by Howard Andrew Jones, and a killer cover from Maegan LeMay.

As an awesome bonus, author Oliver Brackenbury posted an audio version of his story “Hunter,” read by voice actor and writer J.M. Frey. Listen free here.

Interviews You Can Use: Curtis Ellett of Swords and Sorcery Magazine

Last week we posted our first interview, hopefully inaugurating an occasional series of chats with movers in the S&S scene. Author Christopher Rowe sat down with Curtis Ellett, the man behind Swords and Sorcery Magazine, and grilled him on how he runs the show, his definition of S&S, and much, much more. Let us know if you enjoy it!

DMR Announces Tanith Lee Collection

Continuing their dedication to out-of-print and rare tales, DMR will print an anthology of five previously unreleased stories from Tanith Lee’s Flat Earth setting, plus eleven other classic stories. The collection should see print in the first quarter of next year.

Buhlert Tales On Sale

As part of Smashwords’ holiday sale, a few of Cora Buhlert’s stories are marked down until the new year, including some of her S&S work.

Raven God Games Announces Reaver RPG Quickstart

Raven God has been working on its S&S tabletop RPG Reaver for a while now, and expects to release a free/pay-what-you-want quickstart booklet soon.

Moorcock Interview at Tripwire

Michael Moorcock gave a brief interview with Tripwire to promote The Citadel of Lost Myths. He confirms that David Goyer is heading the Eternal Champion series under development at Apple TV, who hold the rights to all aspects of the Champion, including Elric.

Review: Blood of the Serpent

Upon Your Marrow Bones has a snappy, thoughtful review of the new Conan pastiche, Blood of the Serpent by S.M. Stirling. He enjoyed it, but found some choices odd, such as lengthy digressions into economic worldbuilding and Conan taking the side of slavers in one of the book’s setpiece battles.

Podcast Roundup

Two new podcasts to check out this week!


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