S&S Weekly Roundup #38 (1/11/23)

Announcement from the Editor It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that this will likely be the last issue of Thews You Can Use. Bringing you the freshest sword & sorcery news for the past thirty-eight Wednesdays has been a pleasure, but it’s also been quite a bit of work! My obligations … More S&S Weekly Roundup #38 (1/11/23)

S&S Weekly Roundup #36 (12/28/22)

Cromcast Chronicle #3 Arrives! The third issue of the venerable podcast’s free annual zine is here, featuring all-new fiction, poetry, reviews, articles, even a holiday recipe! Click through for a Cromcast episode introducing this year’s release, as well as links to the free download and the two previous issues. Tales from the Magician’s Skull #9 … More S&S Weekly Roundup #36 (12/28/22)

S&S Weekly Roundup #30 (11/16/22)

DMR Announces Glenn Rahman S&S Collection DMR Books will publish A Feast of Ambrosia: The Adventures of Bingor and Donalbain, collecting Glenn Rahman’s stories of the adventuring duo. From the blurb: “The ‘heroes’ of this collection, the sly Sicilian scoundrel Bingor and the Scottish bard Donalbain, have their origins in the small press fanzines in … More S&S Weekly Roundup #30 (11/16/22)