S&S Weekly Roundup #31 (11/23/22)

The News Is Out—Scott Oden Is Signing to Baen!

Over on So I’m Writing a Novel, Oliver Brackenbury interviews Scott Oden, author of the Grimnir trilogy and many other kickass novels. They cover a number of topics, including Oden’s writing career, writing Robert E. Howard pastiche and homage, the New Edge movement, and Oden’s recent foray into self-publishing experiment.

But most significantly, the interview closes with a discussion of something that’s been an open secret in S&S circles for a few months now. Baen has yet to make an official announcement, but they’ve signed Oden as part of their big S&S push!

The Baen-Oden compact will begin with a new version of his book Men of Bronze. This so-called “Mythic Edition” will be rewritten to bring out the fantastical, sorcerous aspects (which were downplayed in the original edition) and bring it in line with Oden’s original vision for the historical fantasy novel. After that? Who knows…

Innsmouth Gold Releases Feast of Fools

The Innsmouth Writing Circle released their anthology Feast of Fools, featuring eleven new S&S tales from the likes of H.R. Laurence, B Harlan Crawford, and many more.

Savage Realms Monthly #16 Arrives on Kindle

The November issue of the dark fantasy/S&S mag hit Amazon in its digital edition with three new stories from Garrett Boatman, Jared Kerr, and H.E. Johnston, plus the usual author interviews. Presumably the paperback isn’t far behind.

Whetstone Reveals Issue 6 Cover

Maegan LeMay’s awesome cover for issue 6 of Whetstone has appeared. Don’t drink and divine, kids.

Titan Gives Blood of the Serpent a Full Page

The first novel in the relaunched Conan pastiche line now has a full product page over at conan.com. (It’s also been pushed back another week, to December 13th, maybe due to the sorcerous might of Citadel of Forgotten Myths, which was also scheduled for December 6th…) ARCs have gone out, so we can expect some early reviews soon.

The Cromcast Looks Into Pulp Poetry

The venerable weird fiction podcast begins a foray into pulp poetry with a look at REH’s work.

Happy Thanksgiving to Our American Readers!

Your hardworking correspondent is traveling heavily this week, so next week’s dispatch may be a thin one. In the meantime, enjoy a feast of bird, or however you choose to celebrate.


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