S&S Weekly Roundup #30 (11/16/22)

DMR Announces Glenn Rahman S&S Collection

DMR Books will publish A Feast of Ambrosia: The Adventures of Bingor and Donalbain, collecting Glenn Rahman’s stories of the adventuring duo. From the blurb: “The ‘heroes’ of this collection, the sly Sicilian scoundrel Bingor and the Scottish bard Donalbain, have their origins in the small press fanzines in the 1970s. A Feast of Ambrosia includes all of the pair’s original adventures from those hard-to-find zines, as well as previously unpublished tales from the ’70s and brand new ones written specifically for this collection.” A Feast of Ambrosia is slated for release in January 2023.

DMR Spotlights More Indie Authors

DMR Books carries on its noble project of shining a spotlight on indie S&S authors. This week we learned about Tim Hanlon and M.C. Tuggle.

Skull #8 Previews Continue

Tales from the Magician’s Skull continues to release previews from its eighth issue, available now.

Voice Actor Kevin Conroy Dead at 66

Conroy, best known as the voice of Batman in the animated universe launched in the 1990s, also appeared in Masters of the Universe: Revelation as Mer-Man and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe as Hordak, where he was poised for a bigger role in the upcoming season.

Image Credit: Masters of the Universe

MotU Inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame

In happier MotU news, the iconic toy line was part of the National Toy Hall of Fame’s 2022 class, alongside the Lite-Brite and the top.


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