S&S Weekly Roundup #29 (11/9/22)

Buhlert Shares Free S&S Story

As part of her First Monday Free Fiction series, Hugo winner Cora Buhlert made the story “The Thing from the Dread Swamp” available free on her website. Not only is it (somewhat belatedly) Halloween appropriate, it’s an S&S tale featuring her warrior hero Thurvok.

DMR Announces Swain’s Vengeance

DMR Books has a title, cover, and release date for the first volume in their reprint series of Arthur D. Howden Smith’s Swain the Viking tales. Swain’s Vengeance will arrive in early December and include six stories, plus an introduction by Howard Andrew Jones.

Waywalker Kickstarting Violet Dawn: Exile Graphic Novel

Waywalker Studios are currently crowdfunding a print edition of their graphic novel Violet Dawn: Exile, the first story set in a dark fantasy world inspired by REH, Moorcock, and C. L. Moore, as well as the comics of Moebius and P. Craig Russell. The first chapter can be read free online at the Violet Dawn website. Violet Dawn is written by Alexander Freed (author of numerous Star Wars novels) and drawn by Louis Sollune (The Silver Cord).

Oden Celebrates Norsevember

Scott Oden has moved on from Orctober to Norsevember, celebrating with some poetry and a discussion of magic in Grimnir’s world. He also made his novellas available on Amazon and other platforms.

Tales from the Magician’s Skull Shares Upcoming Covers, Story Previews

The mighty Skull has deigned to share the covers of the upcoming ninth and tenth issues of his magazine. You can also read free previews of two stories from #8, which has gone out to Kickstarter backers and is available now.


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