S&S Weekly Roundup #24 (10/5/22)

New Edge Sword & Sorcery #0 Arrives!

The long-awaited debut of New Edge Sword & Sorcery is here! Issue 0 features six brand-new stories from established S&S writers and new voices like David C. Smith, Dariel R.A. Quiogue, and J.M. Clarke, each with an original illustration from such artists as Carlos Castilho, Morgan Galen King, and Gilead. There are also articles and reviews by Howard Andrew Jones, Brian Murphy, Hugo winner Cora Buhlert, and more.

Best of all—it’s free! You can download the issue in epub or pdf at no cost, or order it in print (paperback and hardcover) at cost from Amazon.

Rowe Reads Everything

Christopher Rowe, author of the Forgotten Realms novel Sandstorm, a few Wild Cards stories, and many others, has made a project of reading every sword & sorcery short published in 2022. As of today he’s gotten most of the way through April, including some stories from our own free sampler! Follow along with his findings.

Blood of the Serpent Pushed Back to December

Penguin Random House has quietly pushed back the release date of S.M. Stirling’s Conan pastiche Blood of the Serpent from this month to December 6. This happens to be the same date as the new Elric novel Citadel of Forgotten Myths. Coincidence or cosmic alignment…?

Oden Celebrates Orctober

Scott Oden invites you to celebrate Orctober with the top nine reasons to read his novel A Gathering of Ravens. Why not a top ten? Because orcs, that’s why.

Van Straten Talks Art Process

Remco van Straten, co-author of “The Ember Inside” in New Edge #0 with Angeline B. Adams, also provided three pieces of art for that story. In a blog post, he discusses his process for two of the pieces and shows off some early sketches.

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