S&S Weekly Roundup #25 (10/12/22)

Sanctum Secorum Interviews Moorcock

Ahead of the December release of the new Elric novel The Citadel of Forgotten Myths, the hosts of the Sanctum Secorum podcast interviewed Michael Moorcock live on the Goodman Games Twitch channel. Moorcock discusses his influences, reading and writing habits, favorite characters, and much more.

The audio of the interview is now available on the Sanctum Secorum feed, and the video is up on Goodman’s YouTube channel. The very end of the live feed was cut off due to technical issues, but the audio version includes the missing few minutes.

New Edge Authors Interviewed

We’ll link to the other recent episodes of So I’m Writing a Novel below, but this one’s worth calling out: the latest episode features short interviews with the six fiction authors featured in the free issue zero of New Edge Sword & Sorcery Magazine.

Red Sonja First Look

/Film tweeted an official teaser image from the upcoming Red Sonja movie, featuring Matilda Lutz in the title role.

Oden’s Orctober Continues

S&S and historical fantasy author Scott Oden continues his Orctober celebrations (isn’t that a catchy name?) with more about his Grimnir novels. First, a brief update on the forthcoming third in the series, The Doom of Odin, including hints at what’s next from Oden (not Odin!). Next, a brief elegy for Twilight of the Gods, which suffered from being both second in a series and releasing right at the start of the pandemic. And finally, an interesting delve into how Oden tried to make Grimnir more than just a human in an orc costume.

Podcast Rodeo

The Cromcast

The venerable weird fiction podcast kicked off their sixteenth (!) season in August with a two-part discussion of Tanith Lee’s novella “Companions on the Road,” then rolled into “The Winter Players.” Their most recent episode finishes that conversation, then they’re heading into a “spectral train”-themed October featuring a Fritz Leiber tale.

So I’m Writing a Novel…

Dissatisfied with merely launching a slick new S&S magazine, Oliver Brackenbury has released a trio of podcast episodes as he continues outlining his mosaic novel (look it up!) about the barbarian Voe. These three stories see Voe in her “Conan phase,” and so fittingly take inspiration from three classic REH tales of the Cimmerian: “People of the Black Circle,” “Rogues in the House,” and “A Witch Shall Be Born.” There’s much discussion of the distinctions between homage versus pastiche versus shallow copy, and Oliver also tells you what a “bottle episode” is.

Rogues in the House

Speaking of rogues and houses… the lads just released a killer episode featuring not only a (spoiler-filled) discussion of season two of Primal, but a great special guest in the person of Kirk A. Johnson, author of The Obanaax!

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