S&S Weekly Roundup #23 (9/28/22)

Baen Signs Oden and Frost

In perhaps our most metal headline yet, we can finally announce that Baen has added Scott Oden and Gregory Frost to their stable of writers.

Oden has already announced that Baen plans to reissue two of his out-of-print historical novels, Memnon and Men of Bronze. Even better, he’s rewriting Men of Bronze to accentuate the weird and bring out the magic, for what will be called Men of Bronze: The Mythic Edition.

Frost is contracted for a trilogy starting with Rhymer, a take on Thomas the Rhymer that blends epic fantasy and S&S and sees the title character battling alien elves.

DMR Releases Samhain Sorceries

We knew it was coming—now it’s here! In case you missed it, Samhain Sorceries features a new Felimid mac Fal tale by Keith Taylor. From the blurb: “Just in time for Halloween, DMR Books presents ten haunting tales of swords and sorcery. On Samhain, the dead will rise, dark rituals will be performed, and gateways to the afterworld will open.”

Gilead Launches S&S Sketchbook Kickstarter

We reported last week that S&S artist Gilead was fundraising. He’s now launched a Kickstarter campaign for Ziggurats & Tentacles, a new sketchbook of his sword & sorcery art. Check it out and pledge if you can!

Valancourt Announces John the Balladeer Reprint

They teased it last week, but now it’s official: Valancourt Books will be reissuing Manly Wade Wellman’s John the Balladeer next year. Preorders are expected to open in early 2023.

Mournblade RPG Translated Into English

GeekNative reports that Mournblade, the French tabletop RPG based on Michael Moorcock’s Elric tales, is being translated into English with a planned retail release. Right now it’s available as an add-on in publisher Le Département’s Rise of the Young Kingdoms board game Kickstarter.

Cora Buhlert Receives Her Hugo… Sort Of

Cora tells a rather infuriating tale of everything she went through to get her Hugo trophy through German customs—and the sorry state in which it finally arrived.


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