S&S Weekly Roundup #16 (8/10/22)

Ryder Releases The Lion of Skye

JTT Ryder released The Lion of Skye, the sequel to his excellent Celtic historical fantasy Hag of the Hills. The Lion of Skye completes Ryder’s Bronze Sword Cycles Duology.

Brackenbury Interviews Kirk A. Johnson

The rising S&S author talks influences, his first sale, his latest book, and more on the So I’m Writing a Novel podcast.

Savage Realms Monthly Releases July Issue

The thirteenth issue features stories by Zach Ellenberger, David Hill, and Matt Spencer—and a cover with a six-guns & sorcery vibe…

J. Carlton Releases The Pit and the Idol

The novella kicks off a serial narrated by a thief called Thief and is available in ebook and paperback. The second volume is available for pre-order. From the blurb: “Crossing a fevered swamp to delve deep in dungeons for a sinister Sorcerer… A sword and sorcery serial set in the city of Drift. Come, stay awhile and listen, as Thief tells you the beginning of their tale and why they fear the Mad Sorcerer.”

Gestalt Zoops Talgard

How’s that for a headline? Gestalt Publishing is crowdfunding a graphic novel called Talgard: Tome Two, on a platform called Zoop. Talgard is the second volume of an S&S series featuring short vignettes of the titular hero, written by Gary Proudley and illustrated by various Australian artists.

Glass Hammer Drops Second At the Gate Teaser

Bang your head!


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