S&S Weekly Roundup #17 (8/17/22)

Weird Tales Announces Sword & Sorcery Issue

Will Feature Moorcock, Gaiman, Jones, Yolen, Anderson, and More

The latest incarnation of the legendary pulp mag that published Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, C.L. Moore, and many more S&S greats has just announced the lineup for its three-hundred-sixty-sixth issue, and it’s a stunner. The sword & sorcery-themed volume is set to feature stories from Michael Moorcock, Neil Gaiman, Kevin J. Anderson, Jane Yolen, and more, including a Hanvuar tale from Howard Andrew Jones (who, we recently reported, is signed on to write five Hanuvar books for Baen!).

The issue features a cover by Bob Eggleton. Is that Elric facing off against Cthulhu? Only time will tell…

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #53 Arrives

HFQ‘s fifty-third issue is here, featuring new stories from Mike Adamson, Daniel Rowe, and Gregory Mele, plus poetry by Colleen Anderson, Jennifer Crow, Adam Semple, and Anna Remennik.

A brief editorial at HFQ notes that real life complicated the production of the mag, so the editors decided to release their stories into the wild and add the customary supporting art as it’s completed. Check back periodically for that! Here’s wishing the HFQ team all the best in whatever delays and dismays them.

Baen Teases More News

Baen Books continues to drop hints about its dedication to the sword & sorcery revival. We can expect two more major author signing announcements soon, as well as some possible anthology and reprint projects. (Baen publicist Sean Korsgaard teased David Drake’s Vettius and Michael Shea’s Nifft the Lean as hopeful reprint subjects…)

Quiogue Interviewed At DMR Blog

S&S and historical fantasy author Dariel Quiogue is the subject of DMR’s latest Independent Author Spotlight. Check it out!

GenCon Pulp Panels Posted

Video of half a dozen excellent pulp-themed panels from this year’s GenCon Indy convention has been posted to YouTube. Numerous friends of this newsletter are featured, including Matt John of Rogues in the House, Jason Ray Carney of Spiral Tower Press, and Howard Andrew Jones. Many thanks to author/organizer/Skull minion S.E. Lindberg for collecting them all in one place!

Picture of the Week: Computer-Generated Cimmerian

You may have seen some new AI art tools, such as Dall•E and MidJourney, making the social media rounds. These generate pictures based on text prompts, and some of what they produce is shockingly good. For example, here’s what I got when I requested “an oil painting of Conan the barbarian by John Singer Sargent”…

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