S&S Weekly Roundup #15 (8/3/22)

Spiral Tower Press Bestows First Trigon Awards

At Spiral Con 1 this past weekend, the good folks at Spiral Tower (publishers of Whetstone and Witch House) handed out the three inaugural Trigon Awards, which celebrate “the past, present, and future of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.” The Trigons went to:

  • Literary Achievement: David C. Smith, long-time S&S writer and recent author of Sometime Lofty Towers
  • Scholarly Achievement: Bobby Derie of the excellent blog Deep Cuts in a Lovecraftian Vein and many books
  • Special Achievement: The Cromcast, long-running pulp lit podcast

Even better, the RetroCultCast recorded the opening remarks and have made them available for listening.

Swords & Sorcery Releases Issue 126

Weren’t we just here? The gift that keeps giving, Swords & Sorcery Magazine, dropped their July issue. It features new stories from Stephen C. Curro, Jamie Lackey, and Joshua Turner.

Don’t forget, they maintain an archive stretching back through years of S&S fiction!

Old Moon Quarterly #1 Arrives

The first issue of Old Moon Quarterly, a new magazine of “weird sword-and-sorcery fantasy in the tradition of Clark Ashton Smith, Tanith Lee and Karl Edward Wagner,” is here! The ebook is available now, with a PoD edition expected soon. It features new stories by Paula Hammond, Graham Thomas Wilcox, Carys Crossen, and Mob.

Brackenbury Interviews the Kids These Days

Over at So I’m Writing a Novel, podcaster Oliver Brackenbury sent twentysomething fantasy fan Sof Magliano six sword & sorcery tales, from the classics to some recent indie releases. They chat about what Sof liked, what she didn’t, what S&S offers younger fantasy readers, and much more.

Glass Hammer Drops Teaser for At the Gate

Prog rockers Glass Hammer unveiled a teaser for their next album, At the Gate, the conclusion to the Skallagrim trilogy of concept albums. At the Gate is due out October 7th.

J. Thomas Howard Profiled

Up-and-coming S&S author J. Thomas Howard has a profile over at the DMR Books blog.


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