S&S Weekly Roundup #21 (9/14/22)

Nicholas Diak Interviews Weird Tales S&S Authors

Blogger Nicholas Diak has interviews up with the authors of three stories in the upcoming S&S issue of Weird Tales: Brian W. Matthews, Teel James Gleen, and Dana Fredsti & Dave Fitzgerald.

DAW Rumored to Be Cutting Authors

This comes from the rumor mill, but it seems that following its acquisition by Astra Publishing House, DAW is cutting a number of authors, including strong sellers. No word yet on who’s getting the axe, nor do we know Astra’s long-term strategy for the DAW imprint.

Our First Review: Deathless Gods by P.C. Hodgell

The newsletter has taken our first step into the wide world of book reviews with Joseph Hoopman’s review of Deathless Gods by P.C. Hodgell, the tenth in Hodgell’s Kencyrath series. Hoopman describes Kencyrath as “at least in the same neighborhood” as S&S, so check it out!

Legends of Log Crowdfunding 10th Anniversary Companion

Legends of Log, the Pacific Northwest S&S comic about a sentient log with an axe, is crowdfunding a “companion handbook” to celebrate ten years running.

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