S&S Weekly Roundup #22 (9/21/22)

Gilead Raising Funds

S&S artist and friend of the newsletter Gilead is currently raising funds to help his family out of a sticky situation. Not only is he selling original oil paintings—including the cover art to the upcoming New Edge Sword & Sorcery issue zero!—he’s got a Redbubble shop with tons of cool T-shirts, stickers, and more.

Please consider buying something of his. It’s not like you didn’t want to anyway!

DMR Announces Fall Convention Schedule

DMR is attending four conventions this fall. Check ’em out if you’re nearby!

Valancourt Opens Preorders for In a Lonely Place, Teases Wellman Release

It’s not strictly S&S, but Valancourt Books is now taking preorders for a printing of Karl Edward Wagner’s seminal horror collection In a Lonely Place, featuring an introduction by Ramsey Campbell.

In a recent tweet, Valancourt also teased a Manly Wade Wellman reprint, saying, “[I]f you were getting ready to shell out your entire life savings for a copy of Manly Wade Wellman to read, you might want to hold off, just for a bit.”

Grimdark Magazine Reviews A Book of Blades

Grimdark read the Rogues in the House Podcast antho A Book of Blades, and they liked what they found.

Goodman Games Kickstarts Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar for 5e

Goodman continues to make good use of their Leiber license, as they prepare a 5e D&D version of Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar. Get in on the crowdfund here.


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