S&S Weekly Roundup #30 (11/16/22)

DMR Announces Glenn Rahman S&S Collection DMR Books will publish A Feast of Ambrosia: The Adventures of Bingor and Donalbain, collecting Glenn Rahman’s stories of the adventuring duo. From the blurb: “The ‘heroes’ of this collection, the sly Sicilian scoundrel Bingor and the Scottish bard Donalbain, have their origins in the small press fanzines in … More S&S Weekly Roundup #30 (11/16/22)

S&S Weekly Roundup #27 (10/26/22)

Parallel Universe Reprints Samantha Lee’s Childe Rolande PUP’s reprint of Lee’s post-apocalyptic dark fantasy novel, which we mentioned when it was first announced, has arrived. Childe Rolande appeared in 1989 but has long been out of print. PUP is reissuing it in paperback and ebook, featuring new cover art by Paul Mudie. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/bleeding-heart-heavy-metal-vol-1-books Dark Horse … More S&S Weekly Roundup #27 (10/26/22)

Review: Sword & Planet, edited by Christopher Ruocchio

Sword & Planet, edited by Christopher Ruocchio • Baen • December 7, 2021 Review by Joseph Hoopman Sword & planet has been one of my favorite genres ever since, in 1980 or so, Dad gave me a copy of A Princess of Mars (with the Gino D’Achille cover) and I was transported with John Carter … More Review: Sword & Planet, edited by Christopher Ruocchio

S&S Weekly Roundup #25 (10/12/22)

Sanctum Secorum Interviews Moorcock Ahead of the December release of the new Elric novel The Citadel of Forgotten Myths, the hosts of the Sanctum Secorum podcast interviewed Michael Moorcock live on the Goodman Games Twitch channel. Moorcock discusses his influences, reading and writing habits, favorite characters, and much more. The audio of the interview is … More S&S Weekly Roundup #25 (10/12/22)