S&S Weekly Roundup #34 (12/14/22)

Old Moon Quarterly #2 Arrives

The second issue of OMQ is here with four dark S&S tales featuring a mix of fresh and familiar names. Whetstone editor Jason Ray Carney gives us “The Silence of the Rogue,” the excellent Jonathan Olfert presents “The Last Line,” Gabriella Officer-Narvasa sees her first publication in “The Bloody Staircase,” and Matthew Castleman offers up “The Hoard.”

Get it now in paperback and Kindle.

Monolith Consolidates Conan and Solomon Kane Tabletop Rights

Big news in the REH gaming world: per writer Matthew John, “Monolith has acquired all the board game assets of Mythic Games’ Solomon Kane. We now have Conan and Kane under our banner.” Not only that, Monolith now has the Conan RPG rights, as well. Here’s hoping for a Solomon Kane RPG…

Preorders Open for First Hanuvar Novel, and Second Gets a Release Date

Lord of the Shattered Land, the first of Howard Andrew Jones’s Hanuvar novels from Baen Books, is now available for preorder on Amazon. It releases August 1, 2023. Speaking of release dates, Baen has announced one for the sequel: October 3rd, 2023—so we’ll only have to wait two months between books!

Rowe Launches S&S Review Blog

We’ve mentioned before bestselling author Christopher Rowe’s heroic project to review every sword & sorcery tale published in 2022. He’s now turned his notes into a blog, where he’s posting his backlog of reviews and will continue to publish them as he writes them up. Check it out and cheer him on!

Reviewed: Between Two Fires by Christopher Buehlman

Check out our review of Between Two Fires, a medieval horror novel by Christopher Buehlman, author of The Blacktongue Thief. Reviewer Robin Marx says a “moving humanist tale” hides under a dark tale featuring both Biblical and Lovecraftian apparitions, and recommends it for fans of grimdark fantasy and historical fiction.

An Audiobook of Blades

A Book of Blades, the S&S anthology of art and fiction from the Rogues in the House podcast, is available as an audiobook!

Butler and Smith Announce Untamed Realms Comic

Lloyd Smith and Steven Butler are teaming up on Untamed Realms, a new S&S comic to be published by Smith’s Blue Moon Comics. Butler, who’s done work for Marvel and Archie, will handle pencils and inks, with Smith writing, lettering, and coloring. Further news and previews will be announced on the book’s Facebook page.

DMR Books on Sale

DMR has a few books on deep sale ahead of the holidays. As of this writing, only two were left: Swords of Steel III and Lands of the Earthquake/Under a Dim Blue Sun.

Carić Story Forthcoming

Mario Carić, whose tale “Darkness Dreamer” appears in our free anthology, has a story titled “The Final Act” in the forthcoming Apologue of the Immortals from Morian Press. Expect more details soon ahead of an early 2023 release.


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