S&S Weekly Roundup #27 (10/26/22)

Parallel Universe Reprints Samantha Lee’s Childe Rolande

PUP’s reprint of Lee’s post-apocalyptic dark fantasy novel, which we mentioned when it was first announced, has arrived. Childe Rolande appeared in 1989 but has long been out of print. PUP is reissuing it in paperback and ebook, featuring new cover art by Paul Mudie.


Dark Horse to Publish Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser Comics Omnibus

Great news for comics fans: Dark Horse has announced a single-volume omnibus of their excellent (and hard-to-find) graphic adaptations of Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories! The edition will include both the legendary Howard Chaykin/Mike Mignola run from the nineties and the Denny O’Neil/Chaykin/Walt Simonson adaptations from the seventies. The collection doesn’t arrive until summer 2023, but that gives you time to save your pennies.

Day of Might Celebrated Widely, Mightily

The Day of Might, a holiday as legitimate as Valentine’s Day and much more fun, was recognized worldwide on Sunday the 23rd. Imposed upon the world by the Magician’s Skull himself in celebration of sword & sorcery, the Day of Might spawned many videos:

Skull #8 Available Widely

It’s in Black Gate so it must be true—Tales from the Magician’s Skull #8 is in wide release, having previously gone out to Kickstarter backers. #8.5, the Kickstarter-only special issue, has also arrived in many a mailbox…

DMR to Reprint the Complete Swain the Viking

Arthur Howden Smith’s Saga of Swain the Viking isn’t strictly S&S, but it was a much-read feature in the legendary Adventure magazine of historic fiction—you know, the one Robert E. Howard never cracked. Lucky for us, DMR is bringing back all eighteen tales in Swain’s saga in four volumes, the first of which is set to release this year (with an intro by Howard Andrew Jones, no less).

Hexagon Accepting S&S Stories In November

Writers! SFF mag Hexagon is reading submission next month, and they specifically accept S&S tales. Check out their guidelines.

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