S&S Weekly Roundup #26 (10/19/22)

Oden Goes Indie with Three eBooks

Scott Oden released three eBooks this week, forgoing both publishers and distribution channels entirely in an experiment with direct sales. The offerings include two brand-new novellas, Xenia in the Court of Winds and The White Lion, and a Grimnir double-pack that includes the short story “Beasts of Waste and Desolation” and a sneak peek from the upcoming third novel The Doom of Odin.

Each eBook costs $5 and is available in epub, mobi, and pdf formats. Purchases are made directly from Oden via PayPal.

David Goyer Developing Eternal Champion TV Series

Buried in last week’s Michael Moorcock interview was a reference to a TV show under development that Moorcock couldn’t say much about. Turns out producer David Goyer spilled a few details to Variety. It looks like the concept is an Eternal Champion series for Skydance and Apple, which would start with a different incarnation than Elric (maybe John Daker?) but might get to the albino eventually. Von Bek is also mentioned.

The whole production seems to still be in early stages, but I get the impression of an anthology show (Variety calls it “a suite of interlinked dramatic series”). That would be a perfect fit for the Eternal Champion: the show could either find a new cast and setting each season a la True Detective, or go the American Horror Story route and reuse actors in new roles (perhaps different aspects of the champion, companion, and so on), possibly even building to a grand overall plot.

Reviewed: Sword & Planet

Our reviews of new S&S and S&S-adjacent releases (working title: “Reviews You Can Use”) continue with Sword & Planet, an anthology edited by Christopher Ruocchio that’s pretty much what it says on the tin. Joseph Hoopman says it’s great, but stretches the definition of S&P pretty far from John Carter on Barsoom. We’re looking for more reviewers—email youngneedles (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested!

Glass Hammer Unveil “All Alone” Video

Prog rockers Glass Hammer released the music video for “All Alone,” the latest single off their album At the Gate, featuring reaction shots from Glass Hammer fans (including Yes singer Jon Davison!). At the Gate is a concept album that ties into Glass Hammer mastermind Steve Babb’s S&S novel Skallagrim.

Photo credit: Julie Babb

The Day of Might Is Coming!

The Day of Might, the totally real holiday created last year by the Magician’s Skull to celebrate sword & sorcery, arrives this Sunday, October 23rd! Goodman Games shared a video of author Terry Olson preparing for the great day.

Look for a roundup of Day of Might celebrations next week!

DMR Spotlights Owen G. Tabard

DMR continues their indie S&S interview series with Owen G. Tabard, who has a story in the new anthology Samhain Sorceries.

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