S&S Weekly Roundup #20 (9/7/22)

Cora Buhlert Wins Best Fan Writer Hugo

Cora Buhlert, a long-time champion of sword & sorcery, won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer at Chicon 8 on Sunday night. Cora is well known as a Masters of the Universe fan (Man-E-Faces and He-Man even cameoed in her acceptance speech), as well as for her encyclopedic knowledge of pulp history (and not just the Weird Tales era!).

Congratulations to our friend on her much-deserved win. Check out Cora and her work here:

Savage Realms Monthly Releases August Issue

The latest issue is out for Kindle, with the print edition forthcoming. From the blurb: “a Viking maiden does battle with a vampiric horror straight out of H.P. Lovecraft, a doomed sorcerer fights to restore order from chaos, and a scribe recounts his journeys at the side of a famous adventurer.”

DMR Releases Arminius, Bane of Eagles

The new novel from Adrian Cole is here and earning strong reviews. Bane of Eagles begins an alternate-history trilogy in which dark magic is real, and the fate of Rome against its Germanic foes will play out differently than it did in our world.

Cortex Roleplaying Cancels Legends of Grayskull TTRPG

As a consequence of their sale to Dire Wolf Digital, tabletop RPG studio Cortex Roleplaying has canceled their in-development He-Man RPG Legends of Grayskull.

DMR Profiles Adrian Cole

Continuing their excellent series of independent S&S writer profiles—and highlighting the author of their latest release—DMR spotlights Adrian Cole!

Blazing Worlds Kickstarts “Black God’s Kiss” TTRPG Boxed Set

In happier tabletop RPG news, Blazing Worlds is in the midst of a successful Kickstarter for a boxed set based on C.L. Moore’s seminal Jirel of Joiry tale “Black God’s Kiss.” The “RPG adventure and microgame” promises to be compatible with both 5e Dungeons & Dragons and Old-School Essentials (the most popular Basic D&D clone), but also to work as a standalone two-player game.

Lyn Perry Taking Submissions for New S&S Anthology

Editor Lyn Perry of Tule Fog Press is reading submissions for Swords & Heroes — New Stories, Fresh Blades, an anthology of sword & sorcery tales. Subs are open until December, with a planned Kickstarter in January to fund the book. Learn more here.

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