S&S Weekly Roundup #19 (8/31/22)

Conan: Blood of the Serpent Cover Revealed

The cover art for Titan’s upcoming Conan novel Blood of the Serpent, by S.M. Stirling, appeared at Amazon this week. (I haven’t seen an official “cover reveal” post yet.) The art has inspired a bit of debate, as it departs from the classic Frazetta-style painted covers in favor of a sword-and-snake design that more closely resembles what you might find on a modern epic or grimdark fantasy novel. Well, as long as it sells—and we still have Roberto De La Torre’s interior illustrations to look forward to.

Heavy Metal Director Gerald Potterton Dead at 91

The legendary animator, who also worked on Yellow Submarine, was born in London but made his career in Canada.

DMR Spotlights Dilks and Ryder

DMR’s excellent independent author spotlight series continues with interviews with Steve Dilks and J.T.T. Ryder.

Black Gate Interviews Bonadonna

For a terrific in-depth interview of a working S&S author, check out Black Gate‘s chat with Joe Bonadonna, part of their “Beauty in Weird Fiction” series.

Pre-Orders Open for Glass Hammer’s At the Gate

Pre-orders for At the Gate, the third part of prog band Glass Hammer’s S&S-inspired concept album trilogy, are now open. Check out the album trailer, or pre-order autographed albums, T-shirts, and more at the band’s website. The record releases in October.

Innsmouth Gold Kickstarts S&S Anthology

Indie publisher Innsmouth Gold is producing its fifth fiction anthology, The Feast of Fools, focusing on sword & sorcery. From the blurb: “Lone adventurers stalk dank dungeons in search of loot! Bold warriors face evil wizards in duels to the death! Savage pirates face unearthly creatures on mysterious islands!”


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