S&S Weekly Roundup #18 (8/24/22)

DMR Announces Samhain Sorceries

We knew it was coming thanks to submission calls earlier this year, but DMR Books has officially announced their Samhain Sorceries anthology. Most notably, the antho features a new Felimid mac Fal story by Keith Taylor, but the ToC also features Adrian Cole, H.R. Laurence, and other terrific writers. Samhain Sorceries will arrive in late September. From the blurb: “In these haunting tales of swords and sorcery, the dead will rise, dark rituals will be performed, and gateways to the afterworld will open.”

Pre-Orders Open for Weird Tales S&S Issue

Get in now and show them S&S sells! The issue features Moorcock, Gaiman, and many more, including an excerpt from Howard Andrew Jones’s upcoming Hanuvar novel.

Bobby Derie Interviews Oliver Brackenbury About New Edge Sword & Sorcery

Though he’s most often seen around these parts as the host of So I’m Writing a Novel, Oliver Brackenbury is also the editor of the upcoming magazine New Edge Sword & Sorcery, which is putting together a free issue zero for a planned September release. At the Deep Cuts in a Lovecraftian Vein blog, Bobby Derie interviews Brackenbury at length and in depth about the new mag, focusing on his take on the New Edge ethos, but with long digressions into S&S history, RPGs, recommended reading, and more.

Baen Officially Announces HAJ Signing

Speaking of Hanuvar, Baen Books has put out an official press release about their five-book deal with Jones. Some new details: the first book is called Lord of a Shattered Land and will debut in hardcover on August 1st, 2023.

And about the story, in case you didn’t know: “The series is set in a fantasy world based on the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean, with Hannibal of Carthage inspiring its hero, and follows Hanuvar, the last general of Volanus, as he travels the Dervan Empire which conquered his homeland. He is driven by a singular purpose: to find what remains of his people, who were carried into slavery across the empire, and free them from subjugation by any means necessary. The series features the kind of action and world-building sword-and-sorcery fans expect. The Chronicles of Hanuvar also offers twists to the subgenre, such as a middle-aged protagonist who outwits enemies as often as he outfights them.”

Red Sonja Film Cast Announced

Matilda Lutz (Revenge) will star as the She-Devil with a Sword, taking over from Hannah John Kamen, with Wallis Day (Sex/Life) and Robert Sheehan (The Umbrella Academy) supporting. There’s lots more cast and crew info behind the link—just ignore the bit where they say REH created Red Sonja for Marvel Comics…

Brackenbury Interviews Steve Babb of Glass Hammer

Over at So I’m Writing a Novel, Oliver Brackenbury interviews Steve Babb of prog band Glass Hammer and author of Skallagrim: In the Vales of Pagarna. S&S has a long and awesome relationship with rock music, and Oliver and Steve are here for it.

Heavy Metal Announces “Metalverse”

At San Diego Comic Con, Heavy Metal Entertainment announced plans to expand into live-action film and television. A sizzler reel included shots of Taarna.

Magician’s Skull Interviewed

Goodman Games posted video of GenCon interviews with both the Magician’s Skull himself and Tales from the Magician’s Skull EiC Howard Andrew Jones (take a drink!).

Frazetta Comics Universe Expanding With Dawn Attack

Following up on the Death Dealer comic comes Frank Frazetta’s Dawn Attack, a sci-fi book based on another Frazetta painting. Written by Jody Houser and Eric Campbell and drawn by Diego Yapur, Dawn Attack will be published by Opus Comics. The first issue is due out November 30th.

Spoiler Alert: The End of Conan’s Marvel Run

CBR has a spoiler-filled article about how Marvel is wrapping up their current time with Conan in the comics, which ends in Savage Avengers #5. Seriously, don’t read it unless you want spoilers.

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