S&S Weekly Roundup #14 (7/27/22)

Swords & Sorcery Magazine Releases June Issue

The 125th (!) issue of the S&S monthly has arrived, featuring new stories from Matthew X. Gomez, Fernando Medici, and Álex Souza.

Spiral Con 1 Announces Schedule

The inaugural con put on by Spiral Tower Press released its day-long schedule. If you’re anywhere near Newport News, Virginia, the con is this Saturday!

Rogue Blades’ We Who Are About to Die Preorders Open, Releases Sunday

RBE continues to work through its backlog of long-awaited anthologies with We Who Are About to Die, an anthology of pulp fiction focused on the theme of heroic sacrifice. You can preorder the ebook now, for release on July 31st. From the blurb: “We Who Are About to Die is about sacrifice, not just loss. Heroic and fantastical adventures wherein the hero chooses to pay the cost—no matter how steep—up to, including, even beyond death. This is character-driven storytelling in the ‘Sword-and-‘ genres (Sword & Sorcery, Sword & Planet, Sword & Sandal, and Sword & Six-gun).”

Wastelanders of Maruzar Sale Begins Friday

The tabletop sword & planet RPG by veteran S&S author Dariel R.A. Quiogue goes on sale at a steep discount soon. How does this sound? “You play the heroes of a Drylander tribe, protecting its land and members from alien predators and raiders from the cities and other tribes. You also guard the ruins of your ancestral city, lest tomb-robbers take its sacred treasures or awaken technologies and beings that must never rise again.” Read a longer description (or buy it full price right away) here.

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