S&S Weekly Roundup #13 (7/20/22)

Baen Signs Howard Andrew Jones to Five-Book Deal

Baen Books dropped some huge news on Monday: they’ve signed Howard Andrew Jones, leading author of modern S&S and editor of Tales from the Magician’s Skull, to a five-book deal.

The hardcover volumes will feature Hanuvar, the exiled general who’s already starred in a few Jones stories. Like the Conan or Elric paperbacks of the sixties and seventies, the Hanuvar books are structured around a series of short stories in chronological order.

The debut volume, Lord of a Shattered Land, is due in bookstores in August 2023. It comes with glowing advance praise from David Drake, Martha Wells, James Enge, and more.

Best of all, Baen—in the person of editor/media manager Sean CW Korsgaard—promises: “If we have our way, this is just the tip of the spear” for sword & sorcery.

Eric Flint Dead at 75

SFF author Eric Flint, who had suffered from various health issues over the last few years, passed away this week. Though best known as a leading alt-history writer, Flint was a sword & sorcery fan and wrote some S&S works early in his career.

He was also the first manager of the Baen Free Library, Baen Books’s free digital program. Flint advocated fiercely for the efficacy of giveaways at drawing in new readers and selling hard copies.

It’s therefore appropriate that we link to Flint’s novel The Philosophical Strangler, an S&S novel featuring “Mighty Greyboar, the world’s greatest professional strangler.” (Baal-Pteor gets no respect!) Enjoy it free in the author’s memory.

Astra Purchase of DAW Confirmed

There’s not much here that we didn’t report previously in rumor form, but the Astra Publishing House acquisition of DAW is official. No word yet on what will become of DAW’s catalog, or their traditional open submissions policy.

Weirdbook #45 Arrives

The forty-fifth issue of Weirdbook is here, featuring tales from such S&S stalwarts as Adrian Cole, Darrell Schweitzer, John R. Fultz, and John C. Hocking.

MotU Future Teased

Gizmodo has a lengthy new interview with PJ Lewis, who manages the Masters of the Universe franchise, featuring numerous hints and reveals about He-Man’s future and the upcoming 40th anniversary celebration at San Diego Comic Con.

Zub/Valletta Red Sonja Comic Coming in October

Jim Zub, the fan-favorite writer of numerous Dungeons & Dragons and Conan comics, will tackle the She-Devil with a Sword in the new series Unbreakable Red Sonja. (Incredibly, 2023 marks Sonja’s fiftieth anniversary!) Giovanni Valletta handles art duties.

Dynamite Announces Fire & Ice Comic and Game

The seminal Frazetta/Bakshi film will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2023 with a prequel comic series from Dynamite. There’s also a tabletop game in the works, though no details have been revealed.

David C. Smith Interview Continued

The second part of So I’m Writing a Novel‘s David C. Smith interview includes discussions of the eighties S&S implosion and Smith’s acclaimed recent novel Sometime Lofty Towers.

Glenn Lord Symposium Video Posted

The Texas Center has posted video of the Glenn Lord Symposium at this year’s Howard Days. The symposium features academic discussion of Howard’s work.

Mark Lawrence Shares Old S&S PBM Notes

Grimdark fantasy author Mark Lawrence recently shared old notes from a play-by-mail RPG campaign he ran in the eighties, with a sword & sorcery theme.

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