S&S Weekly Roundup #11 (7/6/22)

Swords & Sorcery Magazine‘s June Issue Released

The quasquicentennial (look it up!) issue of the venerable online monthly features three new stories from Matthew X. Gomez, Fernando Medici, and Álex Souza.

Brackenbury Interviews David C. Smith

Oliver Brackenbury of the So I’m Writing a Novel… podcast has released the first part of his interview with David C. Smith. Smith began his S&S career in the second wave of the 1970s and is still producing excellent work, including the recent novel Sometime Lofty Towers. The wide-ranging interview is packed with fascinating tidbits from Smith’s personal and professional history.

Preorders Open for Two Holmes Pellucidar Novels

The Edgar Rice Burroughs folks are taking preorders for two Pellucidar novels written by John Eric Holmes. One, Mahars of Pellucidar, was previously published but now available in hardcover for the first time. Red Axe of Pellucidar has never officially been published! Both feature epic cover paintings by Richard Hescox.

(As an aside, you may recognize Holmes’s name as the designer of the first Basic Dungeons & Dragons set, often called “Holmes Basic” or “the blue box!”)

Primal Season 2 Coming to HBO Max

Primal, Genndy Tartakovsky’s brutal prehistorical cartoon for Adult Swim, will see its second season on HBO Max this month. While the show features neither swords nor sorcery, it captures the savage vibe perfectly. (And if the names of the main characters, Spear and Fang, sound familiar, thank a young Robert E. Howard…)

Last Round of Howard Days Recordings Posted

The gents at the Cromcast posted the final three recordings from Howard Days:

Accolades to the Cromcasters for recording so much and making it available so quickly!

Marvel Releases King Conan #6

The final issue of Marvel’s King Conan releases today. With the possible exception of a Savage Avengers appearance or two, this closes out Marvel’s latest run of Conan comics.

Ryder Seeks ARC Readers for The Lion of Skye

J.T.T. Ryder is taking requests for ARC copies of The Lion of Skye, the sequel to his excellent Bronze Age historical fantasy Hag of the Hills. If you want a free taste of Ryder’s talents, the prequel novella Tomb of the Blue Demons is in the Thews You Can Use story collection!

Buhlert Releases “The Hidden Castle” Free

Prolific pulp author and Hugo-nominated fan Cora Buhlert just released her short story “The Hidden Castle” for free on her blog. She describes it as a sword & sorcery hero entering an epic fantasy story…

Dorothy J. Heydt Dies

Longtime author and fan Dorothy J. Heydt died last month. Though best known as a major part of Star Trek fandom, Heydt wrote a number of professional stories, including entries in the Sword & Sorceress anthologies.

Plexico Launches Gideon Cain Anthology Kickstarter

Van Allen Plexico has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Gideon Cain: Demon Hunter, a short story anthology featuring fourteen tales of the Puritan swordsman hunting his demonic nemesis Azazel. Each story is written by a different author. The book features a cover by Jeffrey Hayes, interior illustrations by Rob Davis, and an introduction by Kurt Busiek. The campaign is fully funded, with over three weeks to go.

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