S&S Weekly Roundup #10 (6/29/22)

DAW Closes to Unsolicited Submissions

Acquisition Rumors Abound

The venerable SFF publisher, whose yellow-spined paperbacks included tales of Elric and Imaro, the Amazons! anthologies, The Year’s Best Fantasy Stories, and many more, has shut its doors to unsolicited submissions, ending a tradition that began with the company’s founding in 1971.

Rumor has it that big-four publisher Penguin Random House (remember when those were two companies?), who owns the DAW imprint, has sold it to Astra Publishing House. DAW has apparently been struggling since megastar author Patrick Rothfuss has very publicly failed to deliver the third novel in his Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy.

Astra is the US imprint of Thinkingdom Media Group, a Chinese publisher. Astra’s plans for DAW are not known, but word is current DAW authors are waiting to see whether Thinkingdom intends to run DAW more or less as-is or strip the brand name for their own ventures.

Penguin Random House also owns Del Rey, Ace, and Roc.

Baen Sharpens Their Steel

We can’t get into specifics yet, but SFF house Baen Books plans to join the sword & sorcery revival in a big way. Expect some excellent announcements soon.

In the meantime, the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award finalists will be announced this week. Here’s hoping there’s some S&S on the list.

Spread the word: Baen has seen the sword and sorcery revival. We love it, and we want to be as big a part of it as we can be. And we’re about to prove it.

Sean Korsgaard, Baen Media Relations

Got S&S News?

Send swords, sorcery, press releases, announcements, updates, rumors, treasure maps, and blank checks to youngneedles (at) gmail (dot) com. We love supporting indie authors and publishers.

DMR Lists Copies of Rare Engor’s Sword Arm

DMR Books is selling a limited number of copies of David C. Smith’s novella Engor’s Sword Arm. Per DMR’s listing, it “was written in 1977, revised in 1994, and published for the first and only time in 1997 in a limited edition of 300 copies. We’ve acquired a handful of new, unread copies of this hard-to-find rarity.” Engor’s Sword Arm is set in Attluma, the world of Smith’s other S&S works.

Rogue Blades Entertainment Back to Work on Anthologies

RBE posted an update to social media regarding some of their works in progress. Many of their author contracts for the stories in these collection expired recently, so they’re in the process of contacting writers to make sure they still want to be included. We Who Are About to Die is headed into formatting and expected to release in August, as is No Ordinary Mortals. Assuming most or all of its authors renew their contracts, Slaughter Is the Best Medicine will release near the end of the year.

Cromcast Releases More Howard Days Recordings

The most excellent Cromcast dropped three new recordings from this year’s Howard Days.

Parallel Universe Confirms Swords & Sorceries Volume 5

Thanks to strong sales of the recent Volume 4, PUP has announced a fifth entry in their S&S anthology series, due in November.

Steve Dilks WIP Updates!

Steve Dilks dropped an update on the Carnelian Facebook page about two of his S&S works in progress. His Gunthar novel Sorcerer-Kings of the Lost World is about a quarter done and going well, and his Bohun collection has three stories yet to be written.

Apex Releases Curse of the Bastards

Curse of the Bastards, the conclusion to Brian Keene and Steven L. Shrewbury’s Saga of Rogan trilogy, released June 28th from Apex Publications. From the blurb: “Rogan—the aging, jaded barbarian who gave up his throne—painfully realizes that his most storied childhood heroes are fading into antiquity, becoming mere ballads in the eyes of the younger warriors. And he might be next.”


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