S&S Weekly Roundup #8 (6/15/22)

Howard Days Yields a Hoard of Conan Rumors

Howard Days, the annual celebration of Robert E. Howard’s life and work in his hometown of Cross Plains, Texas, took place this weekend. Amid all the bonhomie and symposia, a pile of thrilling news and rumors arrived regarding the future of our favorite Cimmerian…

  • Conan: Blood of the Serpent, the new Conan novel written by S.M. Stirling that was announced back in March, will release in October and is a prequel to “Red Nails.” (This was mentioned in the original press release, but reiterated at Howard Days.)
  • Following this, Titan Books hopes to begin publishing REH pastiche short fiction by various authors, either in anthology or series form. Titan is eager to make this happen—Titan editor Steve Saffel recognizes the importance of short stories to the REH tradition—but it depends on the success of Blood of the Serpent.
  • Netflix has a multi-format Conan package in the works. There’s talk of feature films, a live-action serialized TV show, and an animated series.
    • The choice of show runner is “a good move,” according to one source. The person is an experienced industry veteran with influence and a track record of getting projects across the finish line.
    • A clever fan without inside knowledge hunted up a list of showrunners currently under contract with Netflix and noted “a couple of solid candidates that leapt out,” without naming names. One was previously attached to a Bran Mak Morn movie (possibly Hancock director Peter Berg) and another involved with Spartacus: Blood and Sand (possibly Steven S. DeKnight).
    • There were “some bullets dodged as far as projects that thankfully did not happen.”
    • All this said, the source warned that nothing is set in stone, and the deal with Netflix is not yet inked.

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Whetstone Wins Inaugural Costigan

Also coming out of Howard Days, Whetstone, the free zine of S&S fiction who just released issue #5, won the REH Foundation’s first Costigan award for literary achievement. The Costigan is “[a]warded for original creative writing that carries on the spirit and tradition of Robert E. Howard, to better recognize and celebrate his influence on future generations of writers.” Whetstone (in the person of editor and multiclassed scholar/gentleman Jason Ray Carney) beat out such heavyweights as Sometime Lofty Towers by David C. Smith and The Red Man and Others by Angeline B. Adams and Remco van Straten.

While the REH Foundation has not yet released the complete list of winners, at least not that we can find, Brian Murphy (author of Flame & Crimson) announced his tie victory with Willard M. Oliver for the Venarium, the award for emerging scholars. Brian also noted that Jason M. Waltz won a well-deserved Valusian for best anthology, for Robert E. Howard Changed My Life.

Parallel Universe Publications Releases Swords & Sorceries 4

The latest entry in the UK publisher’s anthology series is its biggest yet, featuring eleven new S&S tales from the likes of Adrian Cole, H.R. Laurence, and many more.

MotU: Revelation Renewed

Netflix renewed Masters of the Universe: Revelation for a second season, titled “Revolution.” The new season will see He-Man face off against Skeletor.

Savage Realms Monthly Releases May Issue

The latest from the S&S/dark fantasy magazine features stories from David A. Riley of Parallel Universe and newcomers Remy Morgeson and Shepard W. McIlveen.

Thune’s Vision Hardcover Released

Following the fulfillment of a successful Kickstarter, Pilum Press made Schuyler Hernstrom’s collection Thune’s Vision available to the public in hardback.

Rakehell Reveals Issue 1 Cover

Rakehell, a new magazine of swashbuckling adventure fiction, revealed the cover of their first issue. The mag features sword & sorcery, historical fiction, fantasy, and steampunk, and releases July 1st.

New Edge Sword & Sorcery Facebook Group Launches

Created by Steve Babb of Glass Hammer and Skallagrim fame, the group offers a new venue to discuss the latest S&S.

ABLAZE Releases The Cimmerian: Hour of the Dragon #4

Julien Blondel and Valentin Secher continue their tale of King Conan.

Gustavo Bondoni Releases The Song of Sangr

We’re a hair late on this one (it debuted May 31), but the prolific indie author’s new novel is an S&S tale: “Exiled from his village for a crime he didn’t commit, Sangr of the North must make his way in a world of magic, demons and treachery. Armed with nothing but his wits and a strong sword arm, he embarks on a career as a thief and adventurer.”

So I’m Writing a Novel Tackles Writing Anxiety

Novice author Mike Harrington braved the podcast to discuss pressure, anxiety, and submitting his first short story to Whetstone.

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