S&S Weekly Roundup #7 (6/8/22)

Ken Kelly Dead at 76

Legendary artist Ken Kelly passed away on June 3rd at the age of 76. Kelly was equally well known as the cover artist for fantasy classics like DAW’s Tanith Lee releases, the Berkley Medallion Conan reprints, and Baen’s Robert E. Howard collections, and seminal hard rock albums including Rainbow’s Rising, KISS’s Destroyer, and Manowar’s Kings of Metal.

DMR has an art retrospective (with further links inside) and a reminiscence from Brian Murphy.

Whetstone #5 Arrives Early

Because the editors are bound for Howard Days this weekend, the fifth issue of the free S&S zine enjoyed a surprise release on June 7th. The mag includes twenty short stories of blood & thunder from a wide range of upcoming authors, including the editor of this very newsletter!

Got sword & sorcery news?

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Instagram Gets a New Edge

A new Instagram account dedicated to modern sword & sorcery has appeared. Follow New Edge Sword and Sorcery for book pics, art posts, and more.

DMR Announces Cole’s Arminius, Bane of Eagles

Long-time S&S author Adrian Cole has a new series coming from DMR Books. Starting with Arminius, Bane of Eagles, the War on Rome trilogy is alt-history featuring three great leaders who challenged Rome’s power: Arminius, Germanicus, and Boudica. It’s not strictly S&S, but given the publisher and Cole’s bona fides it seemed worth mentioning!

Cora Buhlert’s “The Beast from the Sea of Blood” Available Free

Three-time Hugo nominee and prolific modern pulp author Cora Buhlert posted an S&S short story to her blog as part of her First Monday Free Fiction series. “The Beast from the Sea of Blood” features her barbarian sellsword Thurvok.

Jason R. Koivu Releases A Winter of Chains

Indie author Jason R. Koivu released A Winter of Chains, the third in his Beyond Barlow series, on June 2nd. From the blurb: “Unjustly imprisoned upon a desolate island, Ford Barlow desires freedom more than anything. His second wish would be to enact vengeance upon a certain pesky priest. After finally getting off the island, he and his friends soon find themselves wallowing deep in the heart of Dargkivi, a remote underground slave city where a dwarfish race of greedy sadists toy with the lives of their captives.” A Winter of Chains is available in paperback and ebook (and on Kindle Unlimited).

Dariel R. A. Quiogue Shares Story Excerpt

Quiogue, author of Swords of the Four Winds, posted an excerpt from a new story to his blog. Inspired by Persian myth and the legacy of Alexander the Great, “Prisoners of the Purple Lotus” features Quiogue’s character Orhan Timur.

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