S&S Weekly Roundup #6 (6/1/22)

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The Dark Man 12.2 Arrives

The latest volume of The Dark Man: Journal of Robert E. Howard and Pulp Studies, issue 12.2, has arrived. The journal features scholarly articles and reviews about Howard’s work, sword & sorcery, and weird fiction in general.

Heavy Metal Humble Bundle Features… A Lot

Humble Bundle is selling a massive digital collection of Heavy Metal comics through Friday, benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. From their blurb: “The bundle includes sword and sorcery duo Vasator and Crunch, the sword and planet heroine Taarna, and the bloody ninth century tale of ancient Norway, Sun Eater.”

Stephen R. Babb Releases Skallagrim

We’re a bit late on this one, but who can resist a concept album come to life? Back in March, Steve Babb of long-time prog rockers Glass Hammer released his debut novel, the brutal S&S tale Skallagrim: In the Vales of Pagarna. Best of all is the novel’s origin story—Glass Hammer liner notes have included “inspired by the Skallagrim novels” for a while, but only recently did Babb decide to make the imaginary series real.

Marvel Releases King Conan #5

The latest issue of Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar’s Conan series features (who else?) Thoth-Amon. As we previously reported, this is one of the final Conan comics from Marvel before they give up the license again.

Alex James Releases Warlord of the Lonely Fortress

Indie author Alex James’s new novel arrives June 1st. From the blurb: “Warlord Aerol trained his best into organised soldiers, founded the Lonely Fortress, and fell in love with a half-monster like him, Inde. … Now Aerol feels the Lonely Fortress is no longer his. Assassination has reared its ugly head, in the form of snakes in a jar, and he suspects Inde is a traitor. On top of this, his old friend is bewitched. Everything points towards a dreaded sorcerer he refuses to believe is real.”

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